Are you considering converting your property in Dubai into a profitable rental unit?

Studies and research related to the study of Dubai’s real estate market have shown that the post-coronavirus economy will rebound significantly and that Dubai’s residential property market will enjoy broad prospects.

Recovery programs and incentives conducted by wise government and other stakeholders have encouraged this real estate sector to remain flexible.

Many people look forward to moving to large housing units with larger and greener spaces and distinctive designs. As working from home has become more than an exception due to the pandemic and its consequences, many are willing to rent residential properties.

So how do you convert your property in Dubai into a profitable asset with a high return on investment?

Dubai is an attractive global market for tenants and buyers. If you are the owner of a residential property, you should consider using it to your advantage, where you can generate a high return on investment.

The property rental business is related to property ownership and earning money in the form of renting the property for monthly rentals. You can rent the property entirely or divide it into several separate units and rent each part to different people.

It is not difficult to start your property rental business, as you can do this easily but you have to follow some important steps, the most important of which is to provide high quality service to attract more customers and thus make more profits.

What is the role of a realtor?

In order to achieve your goal of renting your residential unit and getting a high return, it is necessary to deal with a realtor with extensive and reliable experience as in Thom & Gery Real Estate. This makes it easier for you to get many services and saves time and effort because finding tenants alone can be stressful and time-consuming.

Thom & Gery Properties takes an easier and more effective approach as they market your rental property, find you the right tenant as soon as possible, thereby saving time. Moreover, it helps you interact with all prospective tenants, set dates for the submission of rental properties, and verify the tenant, as it works to be effective as a broker between you and the tenant.

Thom & Gery can help you prepare documents but you need to make sure you follow the applicable rules and regulations when renting your property.

There are several ways to estimate your rent before you start the rental procedures, such as; to know the current market value of your residential property depending on the sales prices of local homes surrounding your area. The importance of its location and comparing it with the status of your property is also required, so that specialists in this field value your property.

In order to market your property in an effective and useful way, you must list its basic specifications and features and mention its location and its proximity to a supermarket, school, golf course, metro or other service facilities.

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