Buy an investment property in the best locations in Dubai in 2022

Dubai enjoys many vital centers that qualify it to be the preferred destination for those looking to buy an investment property as Dubai has many factors that make it attractive to any investor.

With the phase-out of Corona, demand is growing for property buying to invest in Dubai, where it has proved to all real estate investors to be safe and a source of confidence for their investments. Despite the availability of many ideal locations for investment, there are two preferred areas: Mohammed bin Rashid and downtown Dubai, both of which offer significant returns in terms of lifestyle offerings, capital gains and investment returns.

What are the reasons that make Mohammed Bin Rashid City special for real estate investors?

Mohammed bin Rashid City is strategically linked to all parts of Dubai. Its residents enjoy a quiet and comfortable lifestyle with easy access to all important streets and highways. The international airport is about 15 minutes away, providing easy and fast travel connectivity for foreign travelers, visitors and residents.

Mohammed bin Rashid City has a wide range of luxury villas and apartments, as well as mid-range apartments and homes within sustainable and commercial communities set up by many property developers such as Thom & Gery properties that offer you great facilities helping you buy a property, starting from property searches reaching to transaction registration.

Mohammed bin Rashid City is a popular destination for tourists and families for its range of luxury and high-quality services and facilities that meet the wishes of all residents.

-Residents of Mohammed bin Rashid have easy access to One Mall Medan, one of the most exciting retail centers in Dubai, as well as Dubai’s largest indoor ski slope.

For those looking for entertainment in this amazing city, they can visit the world’s largest man-made lake, Medan Golf Course, Medan amphitheater and Racecourse, one of Dubai’s most popular racecourses.

What makes Downtown Dubai so special?

Some of the main reasons that make this part of the city is so popular for renters and buyers alike are the follows:

Some of Dubai’s best schools, as well as the best hospitals such as Emirates Hospital and Medical Park View Hospital are located in downtown Dubai.

Many parents want schools and nurseries to be close to residential units and this is what downtown Dubai offers them. There are many famous schools as well as nurseries in and around the downtown area including Jumeirah International Nursery and Zahra Downtown Nursery.

The best nightlife and dining places that a city can offer, are found in Dubai where there are many nightclubs and bars in this part of the city. It is home to Dubai’s famous mall, the Dubai Opera and Burj Khalifa, as well as Jumeirah Beach, a few minutes’ drive from downtown Dubai, and is a favorite of beach lovers.

There are other sites you may want to know:

Palm Jumeirah: a global architectural, tourist and entertainment icon. Palm Jumeirah boasts Dubai’s most luxurious resorts and residential units, as well as spectacular landscapes.

Jumeirah Village Circle: Located in the heart of New Dubai amidst large green spaces near Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. It is one of the most family-friendly areas, with a wide range of affordable services and facilities.

Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina features some of Dubai’s highest residential towers with distinctive architectural designs, as well as other facilities and services, including Dubai Marina’s popular restaurants, in addition to the many retail and dining locations.

Most locations where you are looking to buy an investment property are located near offices, tourist sites and business centers, which is a great opportunity when considering buying a property for foreigners, investors and residents in Dubai.

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